Leah King (me!)

I love St. Augustine, and I love saving money – who doesn’t? Living in a tourist town can get pretty pricey, so I began researching how locals (and our visitors) could save money, while making the most of what St. Augustine has to offer.

And low and behold, I’ve discovered that there are many ways to save money in St. Augustine, and still have a great time. Best of all, by sharing what I’ve learned on St. Augustine Specials, I can help other folks save money and help the economic engine of this awesome little town.

Ok, so who is this gal who runs St. Augustine Specials?

TL;DR version: I’ve worked on Web stuff since back in the old AOL days – and I’ve been pretty successful at it. On a personal note, I take care of my adult son (who has multiple disabilities), help my folks out, and volunteer for organizations around St. Augustine. I’m usually a happy camper, and I’ve been married to a great guy for about forever. I love living in St. Augustine, and am excited to share affordable ways for others to love it, too.

Long version:
I started my career way back in the day at AOL’s Better Health. From there, I helped launch iVillage.com, which was the Internet’s first Website for women. (Believe it or not, I can remember arguing that women would indeed leave AOL, and venture out on the Internet.)

After iVillage, I went to work for a couple of years with Gen. Colin Powell at his nonprofit, America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth. My title was originally “Webmistress,” but Gen. Powell thought that sounded like I wore leather and used a whip to manage the Website. He re-named me the “Web Diva.” (I even had cards with that title!) Yes, it was really interesting to work for him, and he is as wonderful as you might imagine.

A few years later, I joined FleishmanHillard International Communications, working my way up to Vice President of the Social Marketing Group. I managed interactive marketing and communications supporting the (then) largest government social marketing campaign in history: The White house Office of National Drug Control Policy’s National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.  During my time at Fleishman, I also chaired the company-wide Disability Communications Group.

In 2004, I left Fleishman in order to provide additional support and life-skills training to my son, who has multiple disabilities. Since then, I’ve worked as a marketing and communications consultant to various non-profit organizations and businesses.

After our move to St. Augustine, Florida, I began volunteering with a few organizations, including Special Olympics Florida – St. Johns County, where I assist my son and other athletes during practices and events. I also manage the local organization’s Web site and Facebook page.  And of course, I work on my own Website, St. Augustine Specials.

I’m not a fan of bragging about my awards (especially old ones) but my husband says that folks need proof that I really do know what I’m talking about. And so to humor him, here goes…

My work on behalf of clients has garnered the following awards:

  • A  Computer World Smithsonian Award (nominated by Jerry Yang)
  • New Media Site of the Year award from PR Week Magazine
  • A Silver Anvil award from the Public Relations Society of America
  • A Bronze Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America
  • A Bronze SABRE from the Holmes Group
  • A Thoth Award from the Public Relations Society of America – National Capital Chapter
  • An Honorable Mention, Best Use of the Internet from PR Week Magazine

I appreciate the opportunities I have had to do some really cool work. It’s great that other people thought my work was cool, too. However, I don’t base my self-worth on awards; my self-worth is based on how well I love and care for my family, friends, and community.